Boldly towards new winds:

How could your company stand out from your competition and get more new customers? What is the difference between search engine optimization and search engine marketing? How does your company differ from the competition and what service design means?
Welcome to Uhma, an advertising agency that has answers to all those questions!

We don’t offer you what you want, but what you actually need!

Nowadays marketing is clearly evolving towards more data driven direction. Analytics guides the actions more than ever and ads are designed for certain target groups. Uhma is a reliable captain to sail with in these new breezes of marketing and finding the best solutions for your company. With us your marketing will rise to a new level. At Uhma we create innovative and up-to-date marketing that gets results.

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Brand identity to a smile

A strong brand identity will help you to differ your company from your competitors. Working brand identity comes from bigger picture which includes websites, social media, brochures, forms, packaging and business cards etc.

Brand comes from recognizable visual identity and from message that crystallizes your company’s spirit. It is the image in your customer’s thoughts and feelings, that one carries with him/her long time after doing business with you. Brand gets your customers excited, gets them to talk to their peers, and to return for that good stuff that you offered for them.

The whole brand unifies and includes logo, graphics, typography, domain, the message and written or filmed content and the relations to the competitors.

At Uhma we tailor the brand and visual identity for your company that lasts for a long time!


We create text-, video-, and picture content for social media, websites and print media. We produce text that sells, captures your audience and sticks in their minds.

Words are important tool to influence. Texts in websites and social media both provides information and gives the customers a certain image of the company.



Today’s websites needs to be technically very good and people need to be able to find it. Your site needs to be found in Google result page and among the first ones so that you don’t miss any potential customers. Your website also needs to be very mobile friendly, because in many homes computers have been replaced with tablets and smartphones.

Are you considering to make a new website, or possibly an online store? Challenge accepted! We can also start your project just by making the website, and later on we can develop the site until it becomes a proper online store.

You are welcome to challenge us with your project. At Uhma we create websites that you and your company need. Probably you will regret later that you didn’t contact us earlier.

Tell your story with pictures

We have a photo studio where we create pictures that tell stories better than thousand words, of course with years of experience. Our studio is a center for traditional photography and video production where effective brand materials are created. It could be brand pictures, pictures of your employees or your product pictures, for example. We also have a moving studio gear so a photoshoot in your own location can also be executed.



Video production

We brainstorm, produce, manuscript and film the videos for internet and television. We can shoot your branding footage so you can tell your company’s story with much more interesting way. Video-marketing is always effective and thanks to the new technology, more cost-efficient way to advertise. Videos could be for example production line videos, or recruitment videos. We also have a drone gear, so when you want a new perspective to look from, we can help!

Modern technology enables video productions that suits everyones needs and budget. Give us tell your company story. Check some videos that we have done from this link!

Want more customers?

Getting new customers and growing your business can be very challenging sometimes. Our experts will guide your company towards effective lead collection. Book a meeting with us and let’s discuss how your business could be taken to the next level.

We also offer training/coaching for company’s that want to get their selling and marketing skills to the next level. Coaching is practical and always tailored for the clients needs. We want to develop your marketing and sales staff towards better results!

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